Truck Gearbox Parts

CPS (Commercial Parts Supplies), is dedicated to the procurement and distribution of a broad range of truck gearbox and axle parts suitable for European trucks.      reproduction antique furniture

In 1986, we introduced CPS, a specialised division as a dedicated truck parts specialists, focused on serving the trucking industry. CPS  has its own identity and is a national operation.


CPS (commercial parts supplies) specialises in truck gearbox, differential, axle, suspension, brake and a host of other miscellaneous and general truck parts. We supply parts direct to truck operators in the United Kingdom and export parts worldwide.     Now you can own a goldmine
CPS (commercial parts supplies) is dedicated to the distribution of truck spare parts suitable for Mercedes Benz, Mack, DAF, ERF, Eaton, Volvo, Scania, International, Rockwell Differentials, ZF Transmissions, Allison Transmissions, Fuller Gearboxes, Ford and Iveco. CPS stocks an extensive inventory of gearbox parts, differential parts, axle parts, brake parts, stabiliser parts, suspension parts, steering components and clutch parts. Reconditioned / replacement truck transmissions and truck gearboxes are available for all makes of commercial vehicle. Please call 01902 798877 for a quote.                         children in need charity trust

The truck spare parts range suitable for Volvo, DAF, Scania, Leyland, IVECO, Mercedes, MAN, Erf, Foden, Renault, Ford are all covered:

CPS (commercial parts supplies) offers a gearbox and differential range suitable for Mercedes Benz and ZF Transmissions. This covers the G28, G3.65, G4.60, G4.65, G4.95, and G4.155 Mercedes Benz models and the AK6-80, AK6-90, S6-80, S6-90, 5S92GP, 5S110GP, 16S112, 16S130, 16K130, 16S160, 16K160 and 16S190 ZF models. The range includes power dividers, synchro rings, synchro hubs, synchro cones, synchro flanges, sliding collars, input shafts, main shafts, secondary shafts, seletor forks, oil pumps, gears, gasket kits, roller bearings, needle bearings, diff spiders, diff cases and crown wheel & pinions.

CPS's broad range of truck spare parts are engineered to meet the highest quality standards and are supported by experienced staff who are dedicated to providing customers with competent and personal service.

CPS's truck spare parts are tested, proven and guaranteed! All CPS's truck spare parts are subject to the strictest quality controls and are backed by a 12-month warranty. We can ship parts to wherever you are in the world.

CPS is parts! CPS is savings! CPS is reliability! CPS is quality! If you have CPS, then you know the difference! Quality that keeps you moving!    Own your own private gold-mine


Commercial Parts Supplies Ltd
Old Stafford Rd   Coven 
Wolverhampton  West Midlands
United Kingdom

Telephone :-    01902   798877             Fax :-  01902  797303

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Truck parts suitable for Volvo, DAF, Scania, Leyland, IVECO, Mercedes, MAN, Erf, Foden, Renault, Ford are all covered.

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